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I love life and I love my family.


I was 13 years old living in Mesquite Texas when my best friend Cheryl Hair invited me to go on a road trip to "Dixie Land" with her family. I always wanted to go to Dixie Land. I used to sing the songs "I Wish I Was in Dixie" and many more so I jumped at the opportunity to see this mystical place I dreamed of so often. We set out in a white convertable cadillac (which seemed like the longest car ever made) to tour Dixie Land. This was going to be the most exciting trip I ever made,one I would never forget. Little did I know I would end up with a boy from Dixie Land and get to live here.

Dixie Land was much different than I imagined. My idea of Dixie was red, white, and blue, magical, a place only special people could see, God's country! Although Dixie was nothing like I had imagined, it was so much more!

As we toured the Southeast I started feeling like I was home. I loved the huge trees, rolling hills, kudzu (what a sight), antebellum homes, and the best food I have ever put in my mouth.

The South had a nostalgic feel, old trees, old homes and so much history!! I love OLD! I love old music, old dresses, old homes, old design, and old people! I love the OLD SOUTH.

In an effort to familiarize folks with the Old South, I decided to create this blog and give my readers a taste of the True South that I am blessed to enjoy everyday.

Happy Reading!!


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